Welcome Parent/ Guardian!

We have created this page to keep you up-to-date with all things Lyppard Hub Youth Club.

Please bare with us as we are still developing some parts but we aim to have this completed by December.

link to FAQ’s about youth club

We are trying to find a way to keep in touch directly with parents/guardians, this would enable the youth team to ensure all the young people’s emergency contact details are up-to-date and we can send out information specifically about youth club. Would you be happy to sign up to our email list?

Through the link below we have collated some alternative support especially for parents/ guardians. We hope you may find something that may be able to help.

link to alternative support for parents/ guardians

Did You Know!

The Solihull Approach are offering free online courses for parents/ guardians in a range of topics to help you to understand and support your child, or children.

Follow this link to the In Our Place Website to view the courses, then if you’d like to try one submit the Access Code: PARENTSROCK!