What Happens On My Child’s First Session?

Upon arriving at the Youth Club your child will be introduced to the  youth team and shown around the club. Once they have finished their first session they will be given a consent form to be completed by yourselves (parent/ guardians). Alternatively you can print one off via the link below to complete and return to Lyppard Hub.

Lyppard Hub Youth Club Consent Form

How Does My Child Get To Youth Club?

The Youth Club has it’s own entrance/exit for the Young People to use, this is a fire door situated at the back of the Lyppard Hub Building (within the gated park area). We have made a video showing how to find us here.

Most young people make their own way to & from the Youth Club, but some parents/ guardians collect from the park area, or car park at the front of Lyppard Hub. These arrangements are between the young person & their parent/ guardian, as once your child has left the building you, as their parent / guardian, become responsible for their actions.

Is The Park Area Manned By Staff?

The park is not manned by staff, due to the youth team running activities within the building. However Lyppard Hub does have CCTV on this park so if/ when incidents occur it can be reviewed and, if necessary, passed to the police.

Can My Child Leave Session?

Lyppard Hub Youth Club operates an ‘open door’ policy meaning that the young people attending the club are free to leave the setting of their own free will.

The youth team advise the young people to follow the wishes of their parent/ guardian, but we cannot physically stop them from leaving club if they wish to do so.

What Is There To Do At The Club?

The Youth Club is run at the bottom section of the Lyppard Hub building, spread across The Barn & Café Area, Activity Room 4 and Hall 2, as well as having access to the Kitchen. Activities take place within each room; typically sports in the hall, Colouring/ Crafts in the café area, and dancing/ karaoke in Activity Room 4. The youth workers sometimes run cooking & baking sessions in the kitchen too!

The current Youth Leader is keen for the club to be Youth-Led meaning if the young people ask for certain activities the youth team endeavour to make this happen. For example, a local martial arts trainer ran a training exercise after a particular group wanted to try kickboxing. On another occasion the youth club provided a free First Aid Workshop as some of the young people expressed interest in gaining this qualification.

Will My Child Have Food & Drink?

We provide free drinks of squash or water, and seasonal drinks (e.g. smoothies, milkshakes or hot chocolate) as well as selection of biscuits.

We allow the young people to bring their own food to be eaten in the café area but Energy drinks are banned, explained in detail in our Energy Drinks Policy.

What Happens If My Child Misbehaves?

All Young People in regular attendance of Lyppard Hub Youth Club sign an Acceptable Behaviour Contract. This contract outlines the rules of both the Youth Club, and Lyppard Hub, which clearly states what action will be taken if the young person fails to follow them.

Behaviour contracts are used in most high school settings which gives the young people responsibility over their actions. Please view a copy of the session rules via the link below

Session Rules

Does The Youth Club Have A Safeguarding Policy?

Lyppard Hub Youth Club has regularly updated policies and procedures which are also connected to the Lyppard Hub’s Policies. These include a Safeguarding Policy, Health & Safety Policy, Equal Opportunities Policy, and Social Media Policy.

If you wish to view any/ all of our policies please arrange this by contacting the Lyppard Hub Manager by calling 01905 616841 or email info@lyppardhub.co.uk

Are The Staff Appropriately Qualified To Work With Young People?

All Staff & Volunteers at Lyppard Hub Youth Club hold a current DBS, and have experience with children & young people. We also ensure that when activities are run from external providers they have got a current DBS and relevant paperwork. Lyppard Hub also ensures that at least one member staff on each shift has First Aid training.

How Can Parents/Guardians Voice Any Concerns?

Should you have any further questions or concerns you can contact the Youth Club Leader, the quickest way to do this is via direct message on the Lyppard Hub Youth Clubs social media Facebook and Instagram, or you can contact through the Lyppard Hub email info@lyppardhub.co.uk.